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  • NAMM_exhibition

    Posted by on January 23, 2012

    some footage from US biggest music exhibition, the NAMM!! .. ricoloop was SHOCKING the house! 😉

  • back on track

    Posted by on October 24, 2011

    Hi dear music lovers around this beautiful planet,

    Thanks to all of you for your support at the concerts and otherwise.. your love for music!
    Wow! what a summer it was, 2011. I feel for all of us an amazing year with lots of learning and healing.
    I forgot all about my new website, facebook and even my mails but.. i am back on tracks:) yes, tracks!
    All in the flow of life. i found a home on Mallorca in Deia where i gonna spend most of the winter to co-create with Raquel and all the magic of this beautiful island.
    And when i am not in my kayak or planting veggies in the garden i will be in the studio for new tracks, video’s and posts!

    I am in Berlin now to re-connect and clean up before traveling to Switzerland, Spain & Norway for more shows.

    I will keep you updated about my plans for winter as they puzzle gently together.. hehe
    Love and joy for all beings



  • sunday double!

    Posted by on June 19, 2011

    heute spielt ricoloop gleich 2mal fĂŒr eure ohren!

    zum ersten auf dem “Möbus Beachvolleyball Cup” in der knipprodestrasse / margarete-sommers-str in berlin friedrichshain. hier gibt es von 17h bis 18h ein impro-mash-Up mit freund BEN, “live songwriting” genannt!

    und heute abend ab 21h loopt ricoloop als special act im suicide circus in der revalerstrasse. im restlichen programm hört ihr hier:

    NICO PURMAN – Vakant – Mule
    JUSTIN NABBS – Exone
    HRENO – Fur Trade – Sound Architecture

    seit dabei oder seit ein faules ei! (zitat: ALF) 😉


    Posted by on April 13, 2011

    Beloved music lovers and friends of this amazing life,

    I returned happy back home to europe after spending almost 3 month in central america. It was an amazing blessing to connect with the nature and the Mayan culture. Many realizations happend in and around me. Even thou i didnt bring my instruments, many songs of love and awakening were written. Yes, music is everything and everywhere.. its all resonance! Even no sound at all. Just listening to that vast space of stillness. Perhaps thats where the most authentic stuff happens anyway. yeah!

    Now i am inspired like a monkey with banana trees in the garden.. and i am looking much forward to 2011 and the many concerts i will share. So excited to put all that love for life into music again!!! I just came back from Norway where i had a 2 weeks tour in Oppland, playing school concerts for the new generations, inspiring them to listen to their inner voice.. listen to life!

    I will upload new videos soon!! from our beautiful champagneria session last december! watch here
    also i will create more live improvisations which you can download here
    If you want a slideshow from the Mayan Journey pictures  go here

    I wish to see all of you at one of my shows this year… thank you all for listening!

    Enjoy the spring..  your rico

  • Musik findet stadt – luup findet loop

    Posted by on February 7, 2011

    noch kein geschenk fĂŒr die alte? oder wird mama endlich 60ig und mĂŒsste mal wieder vor die tĂŒr?

    –> dann check das neue luupMagazin fĂŒr berlin, mit dem man prima prĂ€chtig coole ecken von berlin entdecken kann und jeedett mal watt geschenkt bekommt!!! Ja, wie weihnachten isset!

    obendruff hat LUUPS fĂŒr euch ne mischCassette angefertigt, mit dem puren willen einfach nur zu schenken!! Ă€tt hört garnicht mehr auf! hier, zur cassette

    mit dabei herr ricoLOOP, eine kombi die bei dem namen natĂŒrlich obligatorisch war!!

  • rico playin mayan songs

    Posted by on January 25, 2011

    hello beautiful souls around the world!

    3 weeks i am in mexico now and i slowly start to miss my loopstation. hehe! well how can i think of computers with all that joy and love life presents me with. since my arrival in tulum i have been snorkeling with turtles, danced with the mayas in their sacred temples,walked the beach with my companion luana, ate fruits in the moonlight and  playin my guitar in the sun.. wow, what a blessing to have time and space to reconnect with mama earth!

    i am so thankful for all there is and very happy that manu is helping me in berlin to get my booking flowing for 2011. wow, i really look forward travelling again and sharing my music with all of you!!
    thanks to all of you who visited and liked the new website and videos
    more will come soon and i am motivated  to keep it growing.
    also i am sorry if the backround is hypnotic but hey, it was christmas when i created it and till april it has to stay to keep you all warm. a little psycedelic is healthy, hehe. how about some photos?

    go to ricoloopÂŽs – flickr

    soon more from the wild travel adventure..
    love for you!
  • welcome to ricoloops new website!

    Posted by on January 9, 2011

    Happy New Moments for 2011!!!

    We are very happy to present our new website!
    We have been busy the last years and rico is traveling a lot around the world while his manager is trying to get a hold of him;)
    Since a long time Rico wanted to be more present on the web and also upload his music for the music lovers. So here it is.. new videos, new music, new outfit 😉

    Enjoy the journey and if you dont find a show near you just order a DVD in the shop!

    Thanks for the love and patience from all of you!

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