Rico Loop is a Berlin based multi-instrumentalist that has excited audiences worldwide with his signature live performances that cover genres and styles of music across the musical spectrum and have earned him invitations to music festivals and universities worldwide.  Rico Loop is a genre defying artist that utilizes live looping (live recording) of himself to build a multi layered sonic template that brings new meaning to the term “one man band.” At home in the performance or workshop setting, Rico can adjust, engage and entertain in any setting for public or private events.
Veteran music manufactures BOSS/Roland and Native Instruments have proudly endorsed Rico Loop and showcased his talents at both the NAMM Show  (Anaheim, California) and Musikmesse (Frankfurt, Germany) many years running . Rico Loo was also invited to perform with Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea in Berlin and has been featured at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark),  Kongsburg Jazz Festival (Norway) and the Fusion Festival (Germany) and invited to upcoming festivals in Singapore and Thailand.